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Elite Minneapolis mortgage company.  Brian Kearney, company's founder and only originator, is a 25 year mortgage industry expert.  Simple, smooth process and quick close is the goal for every transaction.  LOCAL company, not out-of-state lender.  Word-of-mouth and referrals from past clients are primary drivers of my business.  Reasons clients come back to me and refer family, friends and co-workers are below:

PRICING:  Pricing is extremely aggressive.  Most companies need to charge higher rates to cover overhead (office/staff).  I don't, which allows me to offer lower rates and costs!  Instead of keeping more for myself, I pass it on to you!  It's called premium pricing.  We use premium pricing to lower your loan costs or pay them entirely!

EXPERIENCE:  Everyone is treated like family.  Work with only me from application to closing.  Mistakes happen at other companies when files get passed around.  We'll review customized options to identify the best loan for your personal situation. The mortgage process isn't stressful when you work with an experienced originator.  I stay current with guidelines, training, and follow financial markets in real-time to get a sense of where rates are headed.  You're not just quoted rates; you're guided thru entire process by a professional.

TRUST:  Tranparency and accountability are paramount.  No junk fees charged.  I cover appraisal cost upfront; you reimburse at closing.  You don't close, you don't pay!

COMMUNICATION:  We'll work around your schedule.  Morning, evening, weekend - phone, email, text - it's all good.  Answering my phone is a top priority.  When you call, expect me to answer!  When it isn't possbile, call is returned ASAP - email and text too.  Clients email me at all hours and are shocked when they get an instant reply!  Communication = No Mistakes = NO SURPRISES!

PROCESS:  My process is continually tweaked to ensure it's simple and stress-free from start to finish.  Sign loan disclosures electronically.  Send your documents securely online.  Less paperwork = less hassle.  My goal is to have your new home purchase cleared to close a week before closing date and funds for closing sent the day before closing.  No last minute BS or anxiety!  Refinances close in your home or office from 9am-9pm.  You pick the time and place to close your loan!  Simple and stress-free.